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Flapping Mechanism Design Completed and Manufacturing is Underway

  After eight months of brainstorming and analysis, the details of the final design for a new flapping flight mechanism have all been decided. The new design is necessary for upcoming experiments to optimize wing paths of ladybugs. The design also incorporates the scope of further flapping flight projects, and was designed specifically to be versatile for years to come.   (Read Full Article)

BYU Water Tunnel

Water Tunnel is Used to Study Flapping Flight

The flapping flight group will be using a water tunnel and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) to study the aerodynamics of flapping wings. (Read Full Article)

Ryan George's uses high-speed imaging to capture ladybugs during takeoff

Borrowing ideas from beetle wings

Bug-sized spy planes may sound like science fiction, but alumnus Ryan George's research has helped our progress towards making them a reality.  (Read Full Article)


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